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Our passion and commitment for quality meant that every ingredients we use were tested, tasted and perfected and we pride ourselves on sourcing incredible ingredients from ranchers, farmers, bakers, and food purveyors who all share our values.


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We are extremely passionate and committed to serve up delicious and refreshing products in its purest form made for you fresh from the finest, organic and high quality ingredients.



Our Executive Chefs has taken the lead in crafting a wide range of exquisite and succulent dishes with a wide range of nuances and different sensory characteristics prepared to perfection using the finest ingredients.



Our professional Team Members are deeply committed to provide world-class services customers with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, graciousness, efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and integrity in our work.



Enjoy every memorable moment of your life with our well-balanced, neat, and professionally maintained atmosphere and gathering vibes.

Our Story


Since the early 90’s the kingdom of Saudi Arabia witness the arrival of international food chains along with came the transfer of technology.

More food choices were introduced as a result of access to exotic ingredients.

Nutritionally, the new foods are not ideal and were not up to the quality standards due to the use of Chemicals reducing the food’s natural goodness. Natural Flavors were overpowered and lost by artificial means in the name of profitable business.

Broasted Express was a product of our desire to incorporate the new and safe food preparation technologies with traditional recipes and care, We sought out to combine all the good things and committed doing the right thing.

What we do

We put people, processes and practices into place to ensure responsible sourcing, to engineer quality and nutritionally sound products, aiding a healthy life style and a stronger community.

Our Products are professionally prepared from the finest natural and organic ingredients available in the Restaurant industry. Every meal served has passed the highest quality standards by using the latest technologies and Served in contemporary and pleasing atmosphere.

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